Transparent overview of my student evaluations

A brief summary of all of my evaluation data is available via the "Instructor Summary" link below. This document was automatically generated by the University of Florida's Faculty Evaluation System, GaterRater.


For a more detailed student responses please see the links below for each each course and section. Each document consists of two Excel sheets -  "Numerical Responses" and  "Text Responses". These too are unedited, automatically generated documents. 

ZOO6456C - Ichthyology

 - Spring_2018_1.xlsx

BSC 2011L - Integrated Principles of Biology 2

- Fall_2017_1.xlsx

- Fall_2017_2.xlsx

- Fall_2017_3.xlsx

BSC 2005L - Biological Science Lab for Non-majors

- Fall_2015_1.xlsx

- Fall_2015_2.xlsx

- Fall_2015_3.xlsx

- Fall_2015_4.xlsx

- Fall_2016_1.xlsx

- Fall_2016_2.xlsx

- Fall_2016_3.xlsx

This is an cherry-picked list of a few of my favorite comments

"His excitement and passion for biology was contagious and made the class interesting."

"He made class engaging and the interactive level of this course was an 11 out of 10!"

"I think I may be an aspiring biologist now because of John!"

"This course has been the best biology course I have taken thus far."

"The thought of taking a science lab made me extremely nervous but your class made me comfortable and I learned a lot."

"It was an extremely comfortable environment where I felt I could express my ideas and ask questions."

"He has made the class turn into one big family. I'm going to miss it."



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